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Arugula Green, Mood-Ring True: Fragrance Trends in 2024

It seems like 2024 is spinning the earth at the speed of light-I can't believe the first day of Spring is just a few short weeks away. But more than that, we're just in time to chat about what we want 2024 to smell like. Here are my trend predictions and notes I really hope catch on this year:

  1. Lush, green, and exotic fragrances are so unique and bold. Sometimes they require a certain personality to carry them, but truly, I think they inspire even the mousiest of us to exist out loud. There's been an uptick in perfumes and body mists featuring green notes like kale and moss and I, for one, am glad to see/smell it. They tend to wear a bit longer than more citrus dominant fragrances, while still maintaining a fresh and rejuvenating character. From grounding earthy notes to poignant rare blooms and vegetation, these fragrances signify a leap into a brighter, bolder future.

  2. Fragrance is like fashion, hair, and makeup in that it's one of the oldest forms of beautification and self-expression. Even more than that, fragrance can say a lot about a person's mood. I'm not talking about how fragrance can change a person's mood, but rather be a form of communication. A fragrance mood ring, if that makes sense. Scent is closely entwined with memory, and the unique associations our minds make between different smells and emotions is really fascinating to me.

Recently, I saw these emotion pins that basically help people nonverbally communicate how they're feeling, but it made me think about how I naturally gravitate toward certain fragrances when I'm happy, sad, or frustrated. Here are just a few examples of notes I would categorize:

What scents evoke a strong emotional response for you? What notes are you looking forward to smelling more of this year?

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