Abdah Emporium is a personal care brand giving life to the affirmation “I deserve…”, with a focus in creating moments of indulgence that are not just for special occasions, but woven throughout our everyday routines.

Naseerah Hutcherson is the heart and mind behind Abdah Emporium.  Born of a love for crafting beautiful and practical things, Abdah Emporium soon grew to be a source of reprieve and self-love.  The word “Abdah” means “female servant of God” in Arabic, a reminder that even when others tried to weaponize her identity, there was a proud tradition that bestowed upon her an innate worth.  Her wish is for others to find their own moments of reprieve and self-love.

All of the fragrances and body care from Abdah Emporium is handcrafted in micro-batches, with attention to detail and an aim toward providing the best quality personal care goods possible.

We believe that investing in the health of our bodies and the health of our planet is the key to true indulgence.  We believe in progress over perfection, striving all the time to be better and do better.  That’s why all of our products 100% plant-based, ingredients sustainably and ethically sourced, and packaged in metal, glass, or paper packaging.

Every product in our line is a truly immersing sensory experience, conveyed through addictive fragrance, textures, colors and unique presentation.  Let the world fall away for a while.