Naseerah Hutcherson (Umm Uthmaan)


Welcome!  My name is Naseerah and I am the one-woman team behind Abdah Emporium.  I have been building this enterprise in self-care resources and products for over eight years,  and it has been a long journey to be sure.  It began with my own struggles to find products that worked for me and blossomed into a passion for helping other people, especially women, find their own moments of reprieve and self-care.

I have always been drawn to making things with my hands.  There's just something about making beautiful and useful items with your own two hands that is so, so satisfying to me. I can lose track of time formulating recipes for personal care products or carefully and lovingly frosting cupcakes. It's not just about the end product; it's the process that really fascinates me, the scientific and artistic context of the things we make.  For some reason, it seems to me that handmade items are so much more enticing to the senses.  Olfaction has always been the one sense that I, and many others, process memories and experiences through.  Fragrances tell stories and cement memories.  So, I decided to make Abdah an emporium of smells--smells that spark creativity, smells that drive nostalgia, smells that bring joy.