Sea - Soaking Salts

Sea - Soaking Salts

Pour into your own cup and let the notes of lime, lily, coconut water, jasmine and sea salt uplift and rejuvenate.
Made with:
• French Grey Salt {re-mineralization for soft, supple skin}
• Sea Clay {draws impurities and excess oils from skin, and unclogs pores}
• Sea Buckthorn Extract {deposits numerous vitamins and antioxidants back into the skin}

To use:

Four a handful of salts into warm bath. Soak, breath deeply, drift.

There is nothing quite like letting a warm soak press away the stress and negative energy accumulated throughout your day. These salt soaks elevate that experience to an entirely new level, providing a powerful detoxification and replenishment through beautiful botanicals, extracts, clays and high quality salts.

Each pouch contains at least 16 oz. of salts, enough for approximately 4-6 baths.