Adore - Eau De Parfum

Adore - Eau De Parfum

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She's a woman who is easy to love, hard to forget.  Bright , effervescent notes of Mandarin in her smile, blooming peonies and wild poppies in her wit and youth, grounded in white suede, patchouli and tonka.




    Each fragrance arrives packaged in a glass 10 ml atomizer with a gold lid.  There are approximately 50 - 60 applications in each unit.  Fragrance lasts up to 5 hours per application.


    Eau de parfum is the second-highest concentration of fragrance, which is sometimes more suitable for sensitive skin types.  We recommend spraying fragrance on clothing and not directly on skin if sensitivity is a concern.  


    Ingredients: Alcohol 39C, DEP, benzyl salicylate, Fragrance.